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Our Commitment To Your Data & Privacy

Your privacy is imperative. has developed this Privacy Statement to describe our practices of collecting and managing your information. We only collect and use your information through means allowed by law.

Types of information collected when using the WFHGO service

This Privacy Statement applies to all information collected or submitted on or through the chrome extension or the desktop application.

Information collected by the Chrome extension can include: Your basic information like name and email which you use to sign up to extension. Apart from this, the extension may inform your manager if you have google meet screen on top or in background while the meeting is running.

Information collected by the desktop application can include: the names of tasks to be worked on, the amount of time worked on tasks, time of starting work, time finishing work, screenshots of your computer screen. Screenshots recorded can be viewed by the employee and by manager of the employee in your company. Screenshots are only tracked when you record that you are working on your computer and after clicking on start timer. The screenshots are not taken when you are not working on task or timer is not running. Screenshot monitoring is active for all users of the system when they are tracking time. The WFH desktop app does not record anything other than taking screenshot.

Using Your Information

We do not oblige you to provide us your personal information and you agree that you are providing it to voluntarily. We may use your personal information to provide you with the services relating to the WFHGO platform. We will never rent or sell any personally identifiable information to a third party unless required to provide a service requested and agreed by you like a third-party integration that you manually request us. We reserve the right to disclose personal information as required by law.

WFHGO uses Google Cloud storage for data which is highly secure and data are stored in different buckets for different companies to ensure that no one else has access to your data except your team members based on permission.

Information is transmitted over 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with encryption. SSL is a security standard used around the world by bank and credit card websites, e-commerce sites, in fact, any site or company who demands the most secure forms of protected communication to keep people’s personal and financial information safe. WFHGO is committed to the safety, privacy and integrity of your personal or company data.

How can we further help you?

For more questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.