WFH made productive
Increase productive work hours of your team.
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WfhGo is filled with a set of productivity tools to help manage work from home process.

Dashboard for time tracking

Keep track of how much time is spent on which task by your team members and increase or decrease of productive work hours.

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employee screenshot monitoring
Time tracking & Screenshots

Go beyond excel sheets for time logs of WFH workforce.
Time log feature which WFH employees cannot fake.
Screenshot capture capability.

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Punch-in and out feature which gives a log of work day start and stop time of WFH employees.
Its like the time when an employee walks in and out of a physical office.

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Tasks and time spent

Get a sense of how much time is spent on which task for past week or month.

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Boost productivity & ROI

Features that will boost productivity and output of your WFH employees.

Transparency in WFH

Bring more transparency in the work done during WFH and avoid mistrust

Smartly designed tools

Tools designed to avoid manipulating time log and task updates.

Avoid back and forth calls

Get all the updates in one single place. Avoid multiple calls or emails.

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